Surprise, surprise she’s at it again. At the final day of the brainwashing SNP conference, Sturgeon has once again suggested that she’ll be going for indepdence. I thought she had decided to put this matter to rest when she ended up loosing a fair share of MPs to the Tories and Labour in the General Election? At that point it was clear that support for the SNP was on the down. That and their vision. Sadly though she’s appeared in front of the sheep and decided to raise this topic once again.

Elsewhere she’s putting the feelers out for a publicly owned energy company. She claims that the energy can be generated by us directly, or bought at wholesale. The aim is to then pass this onto the consumers at practically cost price. Whilst she may want to do this, she must realise that this option will no doubt bankrupt the initiative. It’s not as simple as saying we’ll buy it for X and sell it to you for X+1. There’s a large infrastructure involved and that’s going to cause a huge overheard. Then of course is the standing charge. This could be where she ramps up the cost so in actual fact we, the good people of Scotland, get the usual shitty end of the stick when it comes to a promise from the SNP.


How long until she goes fully beserks and declares herself as the Queen of Scots? Answers on a postcard!