First of all, a belated Happy New Year to all of the readers of this blog.
Anyway, for the first day back at work, it hasn’t exactly went too well for Shona Robinson. It is now clear that  she isn’t fit for the job that she was put into. Despite what the SNP would have you believe, Winter is a yearly occurrence. Despite this, the A&E waiting times fell well below the target of seeing 95% of patients within 4 hours. Instead, it’s actually dropped down to 78% across Scotland.


Ms Robinson has cited the reason for this is due to the fact that people are having a lot more trips and falls in the winter. Why though haven’t they taken extra provisions for this? They know that this time of the year is the busiest, and yet they haven’t taken the appropriate precautions to ensure that there was more than enough staff, as well as beds to deal with the workload. Even in the flagship hospital, the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow is having major problems.

The other more serious issue is the number of people that have had their operations cancelled. Whilst these operations aren’t classed as ‘urgent’, they are still urgent to the patients. These operations are mainly hip and knee replacements. The very fact that these are necessary should give the SNP an idea on the amount of pain that the patients are in. Regardless, they are not falling on their sword and ensuring that these patients are properly looked after. Instead, all Shona Robinson has done is apologise for the delays that she is responsible for. She is a complete shambles and should be removed from her position. Of course, the Yes crew will shout from the rooftops that its the fault of Westminster. However don’t let them fool you, the NHS in Scotland is a devolved matter.

It’s a sorry start to the year, and I feel that it’s on a downward spiral.