Today, it has been revealed that that due to the shambolic work carried out in the approx £150 million Royal Hospital for Children in Edinburgh may mean that it has to be demolished.

As is the case with the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow, the hospital in Edinburgh has severe issues with it’s ventilation system. In the QUEH, it has been a long standing complaint with staff that the air conditioning isn’t fit for purpose. Indeed, rather than replacing the filters in these units, the firms brought in to maintain them were told to merely vacuum out the filters instead and re-install them.

However, that isn’t the only thing that is plaguing the hospital in Edinburgh. In addition to this, it is being suggested that the drainage system that is in place is not fit for purpose. Ultimately, the only thing that can be done to resolve this is to tear down nearly all of the hospital.

Now, the problem that we have hear is that NHS Lothian has already started paying for the hospital. Additionally, the SNP signed off on the plans for this building, including, the private loans needed in order to allow it to be built.

Of course, Jean Freeman is at this point reluctant to have a public enquiry go ahead, but has assured the public that when she knows what’s happening, they will know. However, she has also said that anything that happens in the health service is ultimately her responsibility. It is thought that given how terrible this whole fiasco has been, she will need to fall on her sword and soon there will be the need for a new health secretary.

The bigger problem though is why she signed off on the building being completed when it was clear that it was subpar on a variety of fronts. This in itself should be enough for dismissal. This all comes off of the back of a very small poll from Lord Ashcroft about the outcome of another independence vote, more of which can be read about here.

How can the SNP think that they can take Scotland out of the Union and become fully independent when they can’t even build a hospital properly and have it properly inspected before taking ownership of it? It is time to get them out!