For anyone that may have tried to access the site in the last two hours or so, you’ll most likely have been given a plethora of errors when trying to view it. After speaking to my hosting company at length about this we are both of the opinion that the site was hit by a DDOS. Basically, this involves sending huge packets of data towards a website in attempts to crash it, which did indeed happen. That’s the least technical version of it, and there’s no need to go into too much depth here.


After looking at the server logs and also the contents of my site, the hosting company have deduced that it was someone (or a group) that doesn’t take kindly to the views expressed here. I do wonder who that might be? Unfortunately for the people behind this, they didn’t exactly do a clean job of the attack in so far that it is largely traceable. I am still in two minds about reporting this to the authorities since they’ll brush it aside. Regardless, this site has gotten under the skin of either the SNP, its supporters or both.¬† Is that really the best that they can do when they need to resort to trying to take down a website owned and operated by one person?

I haven’t been as prolific as I used to be in posting due to a variety of reasons. However, my resolve has never been stronger in brining about the downfall (legally) of the SNP. Given the locations of the attacks and also the fact that this site does not contain any information that would be beneficial to a cracker looking for credit card data etc, it is clear that¬† the attack was politically motivated. That is precisely the reason as to why this site is registered in the USA in order to protect my anonymity.