Back in December, this site was hit by a DDOS attack. Granted, I haven’t been keeping up to date with this website due to personal reasons. However, to attack a site in the same manner is totally unacceptable. The location of the attack is Edinburgh, and there have been numerous attempts from the same IP address to log into the dashboard on this site.

It is clear that it is people that disagree with my views on here. However, given that we are not in North Korea and that we have the right to speak out against Sturgeon (despite her best attempts), some people still feel that that isn’t acceptable. I had to stop updating the Hall of Shame after the torrents of abuse that have been received by SNP supporters regarding my views. The fact that Sturgeon et al have done nothing to intervene in this situation is disgusting.


Normal service will resume soon to land the final nail in the coffin for the SNP!