It has transpired that the Transport Minster, Humza Yousaf has been driving around since July 2016 without car insurance. The transport minster has cited the reason for this is that he has separated from his wife and there was a mix up regarding the insurance documents. Surely if you had started the process and you hadn’t had these documents from the insurer that you would get back in touch with them?

Clearly not if you’re Humza Yousaf. The concerning thing is that if he can’t get is own transport issues sorted, how can he do it for Scotland? Of course, he has been coming under fire a lot lately for a less than stellar service regarding the terrible state of affairs with ScotRail. This is another example of the idiots in the SNP thinking that they are fit to run the country. He has of course said he’ll plead guilty and take any punishments given out to him. Given the fact that this has carried on since July 2016, it is only right that he is given the maximum fine possible and also disqualified from driving. He should be leading by example and this is clearly not the case in this situation.

I honestly can’t say I’m surprised that another member of the SNP has come under fire for being a complete and utter buffoon, and I doubt this will be the last scandal before the years is out.