If you’ve been outside or seen any bit of news in the last week, you’ll know that the weather has been less than ideal. Today, there’s an amber weather warning across many parts of Scotland, including Glasgow. Police Scotland have issued a statement saying that people should refrain from travelling under any circumstances. However, that’s not the view of the Health Secretary Shona Robinson. Taken directly from the NHS GGC website (which she is in charge of), it specifically says that NHS staff members have to ignore the advice from Police Scotland.

The problem here is that for those already at work, Police Scotland has suggested that they go home early due to there being a severe risk of life threatening injuries should the attend. However, NHS Scotland doesn’t agree with this. Instead, they’re more than happy for staff to travel in severe weather conditions and put themselves and also others at risk. We all appreciate that staff need to attend their place of work when it’s a public service, but the SNP and NHS Scotland haven’t managed to come up with some sort of infrastructure to accommodate this. Generally the state of roads being gritted has been pretty poor this Winter, and therefore there’s a bigger chance that staff attending their work could be stuck in traffic. This happened to hundreds of people earlier in the week when they were in their cars for over 14 hours, overnight.


If the SNP can find a way to make the roads safe and secure for their staff to get to and from work, then everyone will be able to fully support their beliefs that NHS should attend their job. The delightful SNP have even went as far as to say that if you can’t reach your normal hospital, you have to attend the nearest one to sign on for duty. Given that there are numerous specialities in the NHS, it’s not as easy as rocking up to a hospital and saying you’re going to do some work for them. There’s also the issue that staff are legally obliged to be signed off as competent for their work efore they start it. Therefore, it is pointless in them turning up at their nearest hospital if there is nothing there that they are competent to do. This is most profoundly seen with lab staff where a biochemistry lab differs greatly from a microbiology lab both in terms of severity of diseases but also the techniques employed in each discipline. This isn’t like medicine where every doctor has a strong basis for general medicine. There is no such thing as general science. This is just another faux pas by the SNP and in all honesty no one can really be surprised about this.


Of course, Shona Robinson will do bugger all about this and simply bury her head in the snow instead. If she can’t hear the complaints, then they’re simply not real.