In the latest twist of the Alex Salmond inquiry, Peter Murrell has once again changed his tune on what exactly happened back in April 2018. It was originally the case that when a meeting was taking place between Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon on the 2nd April at his home, he denied has that he was in residence at that point.

After this, he then said that he arrived home whilst the meeting was still going on. He doubled down on this today by saying that he came home, went up stairs to get changed and after doing so Alex Salmond had left his home.

Now, it’s the case that there is clearly something rotten here. Given the severity of these issues discussed, you would think that Mr Murrell would be able to remember the key facts. This cannot be put down to a case of “lapsed memory”. Given Alex Salmonds stature in the SNP, the Chief Executive of the SNP would have remembered these facts since it was a crucial meeting that was taking place.

It is inconsistencies such as this which is why the SNP leadership cannot be trusted at all. As you will know, I am not the biggest fan of Alex Salmond. However, it is certainly the case that there has been wrongdoing whilst these investigations were carried out by the SNP.

Bearing in mind that this is a party that is wanting to destroy Scotland, it is certainly the case that they end up wanting to destroy a man the previously lead them to various victories. With friends like Sturgeon, who needs enemies…

Remember in the upcoming election in May, don’t give either vote to the SNP, it is hands down a vote for anarchy.