This title may shock some, but take it at face value. A poll conducted by Lord Ashcroft has suggested that there is now a (small) majority of the electorate that is in support of independence.

However, this is not the first time that such a claim has been made. It is also important to point out that only a very small number of people were polled in this. In fact, this number was only 1,019 people. Whilst it is a majority, this is far from indicative of what will happen in the event that there is another referendum.

Another sticking issue is that a Section 30 order must be made before there can be a referendum. Given that Sturgeon and Salmond signed a document that it would be once in a generation, Boris Johnston has said he will not give the go ahead for another referendum so soon.

Sturgeon has said repeatedly that she will not allow Scotland to be pulled out of the EU. However, even under an independent Scotland, Scotland will not have an automatic right to gain access to the EU. It will need to jump through the hoops that every other country will as well. Given that the GDP of Scotland will be far from the target that is required for a country to join the EU, it will be many years, if ever, before it happens.

In addition to this, the news today about the Royal Hospital in Edinburgh is in no fit state to be used does cast a shadow of doubt over the ability of the SNP to run the country. They certainly shouldn’t be allowed to take it into the wild unknown and destroy it. It is time for the SNP to take care of the country, and drop this independence charade.