The disgraced former SNP MP Natalie McGarry has today been sentenced to 18 months in prison. Let us be clear that this crime is extremely serious; the SNP have on more than one occasion said that foodbanks are the norm for many in Scotland. The reason (according to them) is due to the Tories. Why then is is the case that Natalie McGarry decided to steal this money from foodbanks. This is attrociious and the choice to give her a custodial sentence was correct.

A little of £26k was stolen from various organisiations. This is no way for anyone to act, especially one that said that they would look after the people of Scotland. Unfortunately, all Ms McGarry wanted to do was look after herself. This is clear when she decided to use the embezzled money to go on holiday.

More worringly though is that case that Women for Independence are calling for her to be given a non-custodial sentence. Given the severity of the crime, only a custodial sentence is appropriate. There are already posters on Twitter saying that by putting her in prison, it is breaking up the family unit. No, the day that she decided to STEAL money from others was the day that she broke up her family unit.

It cannot be the case that a man that gets caught embezzling money gets sent to jail, but a woman doing the same crime gets a non custodial sentence. This is not equality. Of course, there are the die hard SNP supporters that are still defending her and citing that the Tories are just as bad. If they have definitive proof that a Tory MP has commited a similar crime, go to the police about it. Until that point in time, it would be unwise for them to throw around statements such as this. It is typical of the cybernats though to act in such a way.