Happy New Year everyone! As you’d no doubt expect, the SNP have already made a complete arse of themselves. This time, it’s the MSP John Mason that has messed up big time. Below is a photo from earlier on today taken from Twitter:

From the screenshot, it is clear that John Mason is nothing but a vile and disgusting cretin. By saying that ‘the girl does not always say yes the first time’, it suggests that it is ok to force her until she does, much like the SNP is continuing to force the prospect of another independence referendum down our throats.


This language is despicable and John Mason is not fit to act as an MSP for any party. Of course, Nicola Sturgeon should be removing him right away from the party but we all know that she won’t. Interestingly, the post hasn’t been deleted from his Twitter account yet. Regardless, what he has said is wrong since he has alluded in his Tweet that rape is a mere trivial matter.