Nicola Sturgeon never ceases to amaze me in her incompetence. Now that the virulence of Covid-19 is on the decline, Sturgeon has now decided to make face coverings mandatory in shops.

Let that sink in for a minute. Why would she not choose to have done this at the beginning of the pandemic? This is definitely the case of closing the fence after the horse has bolted. If anything, it’s a slap in the face to everyone that has been sensible during this time.

“Well done everyone, you’ve done a great job, but we should have made the face coverings mandatory to begin with”. Could this have resulted in fewer deaths? Unfortunately now, we’ll never know the answer to this. Of course, I can already hear the SNP mob shouting about how this is all Boris’ fault (because as well all know, everything that goes wrong is down to the big bad Tories) and that Sturgeon has done a brilliant job during all of this.

The sad story is, she’s done an awful job, especially when it comes to care homes.

What’s your thoughts on the fact that she held off for so long in making these face masks mandatory? Of course, there’s now going to be a shortage of them. Perhaps we should all be wearing red, white and blue face masks…