…he’s the gold standard for what the SNP stands for. After all, despite the fact that the SNP would have surely properly researched the ins and outs of Dr Monaghan before he was selected to stand for his seat this past May, they still allowed him to stand for the election.

Unfortunately however, Dr M hasn’t exactly used the most savoury language on Twitter (you know, that social networking site that other SNP members have used to be complete bastards on here and here). Dr M has no problems calling No voters idiots basically (sorry Dr M, we just didn’t believe the utter nonsense you and the rest of the Yes clan were spouting), previously called Alastair Carmichael an arse licker and likened the Team GB to Nazi’s during the 2012 games. Of course, he was also involved in the outlandish and vile comments against the late Charles Kennedy.

The bigger problem now is though that he has been FORCED to apologise for his actions. Now, what does this tell you about him? It says that he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong, and the issue only came to light when the SNP were alerted about this. There’s a massive number of offending statements that he’s said and it’s not appropriate for an MP to have made them.  They’re saying of course that these statements are dated, but surely the SNP should have researched them before. They’re also saying he wouldn’t dream of using them now.  Despite this, the son of a bitch has never actually taken the tweets down before he was rumbled. He is not sorry for what he’s said in the past. He’s only sorry that he’s had his collar felt over it.


Congratulations Dr M, you’re living up to the sterotype of the members of the SNP; vile