With us approaching the end of another year, its important that the next one starts as smoothly as possible. To that end, with the upcoming General Election, it has never been more important to crush the SNP.

The SNP have made their view on Brexit clear; it must not happen. As part of a democratic society, every MP of the SNP has vowed to uphold the will of the people in respect to UK wide elections and referendums. However, in the case of Brexit, they are not doing it. Instead, they want to block it, despite the fact that it was a leave vote back in 2016.

Let that sink in for a minute. If it had been a Yes win back in 2014, there is no way the SNP would have allowed the vote to be overturned. They scream of hypocrisy, and must be stopped.

Nicola Sturgeon has been front and centre of the debates, and yet she’s not actually standing for election. She is constantly harping on about Independence.

Look at the ongoing issue at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. Under the SNP administration, there have been several tragic deaths, which could have been prevented had the proper steps been taken.

The SNP are claiming that they were never told about these faults with the water supply, or the air conditioning. I find this hard to believe. In response to these faults being found, the top people at the hospital would have had a responsibility to pass this information onto NHS GGC, who in turn had the responsibility to pass it onto the Health Secretary. Apart from it being their responsibility, they would also have passed on this information to safeguard themselves in the future should the information ever reach the public.

The SNP have refused to act in a proper manner in this, and again, they turn back to Independence. This morning, I received a leaflet through my door syaing that the SNP would never push the Big Red Button in response to a nuclear threat. This is the worst possible attitude and is exactly the kind of party that should not be allowed in Government.

Nicola Sturgeon has also said that in light of the allegations made against the Duke of York that the Monarchy needs to now be looked at. Does the same statement not also hold true then with the SNP and the allegations made against Alex Salmond? There are also the claims that have been made that the SNP decided to delete documents relating to his case. This has not yet been confirmed, though.

They are also proud of how they are able to offer free tuition, free prescriptions etc. However, it isn’t free. Tax in Scotland is higher than tax in rUK. It isn’t free at all!

On the 12th December, do the right thing and vote against the SNP. Not doing so will destroy Scotland.