In the run up to the general election, the great news is that the support for the SNP is falling rapidly. In a recent YouGov poll, support for them is currently sitting at 39%, with the Tories sitting at 29% and Labour sitting at 25%. Think back to the last time that support for the Tories was higher than that of Labour in Scotland, and what does this tell you? It is clearly indicative that people are sick fed up of the SNP.

The people know that in a lot of constituency that the only way to oust the SNP is to vote Tory, even though they may not want the Tories in. This should be more than enough to highlight that people are sick fed up of the SNP and want them OUT.

The SNP have not done anything of note in Westminster except bring scandal to it. McGarry and Thomson have been a total shambles with their accounting practices and Tasmin Sheik is also leaving a sour taste in peoples mouths.

The outburts by Pete Wishart on Twitter and his complete lack of respect for those that don’t support the SNP is atrocious. Then you’ve got the MP that couldn’t pick the right door to vote for and decided to hide in the toilets instead. The bigger issue is the problem that the SNP will pose to security to the UK. The SNP is more than happy to allow our borders to be more open than they currently are. This is a major no no and it is clear now more than ever that we have to tighten the borders and work on integrating those in other communities into the British lifestyle.

Of course, the left wing nutjobs will refute this and claim that we need to take everyone in, and if they have a large voice in Westminster, they could gain enough support for a motion like this with other left wingers in other parties. They must be stopped now before it’s too late. The SNP are like a child that has too much sugar at a party. You let them get away with it because you’ll know they’ll burn themselves out and it will have run it’s course. On the 8th June, do not vote for SNP.