Theresa May this morning has announced that she is calling for a General Election, with the expected date to be the 8th June 2017. She will be taking the motion to Westminster tomorrow and needs two thirds of the House of Commons to give the go ahead to allow the General Election to be raised.

Ms May has cited the reason for this election in part due to the uncertainty of how things will progress with Brexit. However she has made it abundantly clear that this is also aimed at Nicola Sturgeon and is a way to show that the SNP has not got the mandate to call for Indy Ref 2 which will become apparent when the SNP’s seats are greatly reduced in the House of Commons.

Nicola Sturgeon has pushed the electorate too far in Scotland, and the scandals brought by her members down in Westminster are still in minds of those that voted for them. This is our chance to wipe the slate clean and remove the SNP from Westminster. They do not speak for the people of Scotland and they are a major threat to the United Kingdom. All they are interested in is chaos and re-joining the EU. This is depsite the fact that the people of the UK voted democratically to leave the EU.

Now is the time for the Unionist parties to band together and use this chance to remove the SNP MPs from Westminster. Let us use this chance properly.