Today was the first day of Boris Johnson’s term as Prime Minister. As you would expect, the SNP isn’t exactly happy about this since they don’t like anyone that doesn’t conform to their beliefs.

Indeed, Ian Blackford (you know, the simply crofter that makes a fortune each year both in his MP salary as well as being on the board of directors for many companies) has welcomed Boris into his new position, citing him as the last Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

This suggests two things. The first is that the SNP are still clutching onto the dream that they’ll get their much coveted Yes vote. The other is that should a General Election go ahead (as many as predicting), Boris will WIN this election as well. Clearly if you think someone is rubbish in their job, then they surely wouldn’t win an election? It’s a bit of an own goal by Blackford.

Boris Strikes Back

Given that the PM is far from a shrinking violet, he of course decided to hit back at Blackford. Blackford came out saying that Boris was not elected by the people of Scotland, and therefore he is not our PM. As you would expect though, Boris did strike back against Blackford, citing that after the FAILED indy attempt by Salmond, Sturgeon walked into the position as First Minister without being elected.

The same is true when Gordon Brown took over from Tony Blair. Why is it ok for them to get away with it, but Boris can’t? The hard reason is because the SNP and the Labour party under Corbyn cannot stand the fact that someone is in a position of power that will deliver Brexit that the people of the United Kingdom voted for.

Well done to Boris on thumping Ian Blackford in his first day in office.