So it appears that we have another member of the Yes group that is a straight up idiot. Now, let me get the point across that I do not believe that all Yes supporters are idiots. This is a democracy and as such everyone has the right to have their own opinion.

What I don’t appreciate though is when a Yes supporter uses a Sectarian term as shown in the photo. This in itself is a pretty stupid thing to do online since it could be assumed that he is using his real name. What takes the stupid to a whole new level is the fact that Scott Cameron who made the comment was replying directly to the Police in the tweet. Let’s dial this back a minute. A sectarian comment was sent directly to the Police. Surely Police Scotland have an obligation to investigate this matter.

If a similar slur was made about a Jewish, Catholic or Muslim individual then heads will roll over this one. This is the kind of rubbish that supporters of the Union have to put up with, regardless of their religious beliefs. There is no place in society for comments like this and it really should not be tolerated.

This needs to be shared online to show that people will not accept this level of rubbish and that people of one faith do not deserve to be classed in this way. One would hope that the SNP would step in to distance themselves from these statements…