Ah, another fail for our friends at the SNP.
Alyn Smith has been recorded, showing to act in a somewhat intimidating manner.

The video can be found below:


Interestingly, Alyn Smith actually posted a tweet saying that this wasn’t true. The mentality and arrogance of the man is nothing short of shocking. Curiously enough, he hasn’t actually deleted the tweet yet. In case he does though, you can find a screenshot of the tweet below.

Not only that, but in the exchange, Alyn Smith can across as actually quite creepy in the way he conducted himself. The bigger question is though, why does he feel it’s ok to lie about this? He’s quite clearly on camera, and yet he’s lying to the public about what he’s said. Remember, this is the party that wants to lead Scotland off of a cliff. This is the antics of the party that want Scotland to prosper. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this site on their watchlist!