As we get every closer to election day on the 6th May, it’ll no doubt be the case that the SNP will be putting more emphasis on all the “wonderful” things they’ve fulfilled in recent years.

No doubt, at any point that they’re called out about their failings that they’re fans will jump on the bandwagon and bring about a whole degree of whataboutery. Remember, everything that has ever went wrong in anyone’s life is down to the Tories. There is no other explanation for it.

The care home scandal that has no transpired that Jeanne Freeman was well aware of what she was doing is not surprising, although it is extremely worrying. The very fact that a woman in such a high position could cause such chaos is appalling. The only excuse for her actions is negligence. Although there is the argument from Angus Robertson that No voters (in his opinion) where of the older generation. Take from that what you will, I will let you decided upon this one…

A critical failure by the SNP is their lack of accountability when it comes to the abuse of those that speak out against them. In fact, the hall of shame section of this site (and the Facebook page), should be enough evidence of that. What the SNP have done is create a division far larger than that which exists between Rangers and Celtic in Glasgow. The question must be asked, why does the SNP want to bankrupt Scotland?

There have been so many errors on the part of the SNP that it’s actually shocking that they’re still in power. Recently, I rewatched the Wolf Of Walt Street. It’s a stark look at a rouge stock broker firm. The depecition of the company and their actions looks tame compared to the SNP. However, given the title of this website, there is of course the argument that I am biased towards the SNP.

With that in mind, I’d like to draw your attention to the stellar work of Dean Thomson over on Twitter with him collating some of the SNPs “best bits”. Clicking on the Twitter icon on the top right of the preview box below will take you to the thread in its entirety. It’s definitely worth a read, and I’m sure Dean would be happy to hear words of encouragement of him highlighting the absolute failures by the SNP.